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Five Tips for Managing the End of Your Family Member’s Life

End of Life Care in Orangeburg SC: At the end of your senior's life, there are lots of things you might think you have to do. But some of the things you choose to do can make the most of the time that's left.

Near the end of your senior’s life, you’re going to find that what worked for you in the beginning stages of your caregiving journey doesn’t serve you as well now. There may be some changes you need to make.

End of Life Care in Orangeburg SC: Managing the End of Your Loved One’s Life

Check Your Priorities.

You might find that it’s time to change your focus in the latter part of your aging adult’s life. Your priorities in the past were about her safety, helping her manage daily activities, and basically supporting her daily life. Now, you might find that your priorities are a little bit different and that is okay. In fact, it needs to happen so that you can focus on what is truly important.

Make Time for Little Things.

It’s easy to think about your changing priorities in terms of bigger projects and tasks that you want to complete for your aging adult, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The little things are more important right now. Sitting with your senior and enjoying conversation or just her presence is way more urgent than any other task right now.

Connect with Each Other.

This is a time in which it’s important to really connect with your aging adult in any ways you can. Other family members may want and need help doing this, too. Look at what works in your individual situation with your elderly family member and apply what you’ve learned to interactions with other family members.

Don’t Avoid Difficult Conversations.

If your aging adult is still able to have bigger conversations, don’t avoid those. Some of those more difficult conversations can help you to better understand your senior’s wishes. This may also be a time in which you and your aging adult share some of the feelings you’ve been afraid to share before. Now is the perfect time for that.

Hand Over Some Tasks.

The best way to free up time and energy in order to reprioritize and improve your connection with your senior is to start handing over some tasks to someone else. Other family members may, just like you, be concerned about spending quality time with your senior. This is part of what makes hospice elder care services invaluable, because they can help you to focus your time and energy where they really need to be.

This isn’t a time for you to focus on the minutiae of taking care of your elderly family member. During this time, you’ve got bigger issues to focus on for your entire family.

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