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Recognizing When Hospice Care is Right for a Family Member

Deciding that it’s time for hospice care is such a delicate decision. Some families need to know what signs to watch for that mean it’s time.
Hospice Care Bowman SC - Recognizing When Hospice Care is Right for a Family Member
Hospice Care Bowman SC - Recognizing When Hospice Care is Right for a Family Member

When a family member is facing a life-limiting illness, making decisions about their care can be emotionally challenging. Hospice care services provide specialized support and comfort for individuals nearing the end of life.

Family members find it easier to choose hospice for their family members when they know more about the signs that indicate it’s time such as those listed here.

Decline in Physical Health

A significant decline in a senior’s physical health, such as recurring infections, unintentional weight loss, increased pain, or greater difficulty performing daily activities, can be an indicator that hospice elder care is appropriate. Hospice professionals specialize in managing symptoms and promoting comfort, focusing on enhancing the quality of life rather than pursuing curative treatments.

Frequent Hospitalizations and ER Visits

If the patient requires frequent hospitalizations or emergency room visits due to the progression of their illness, it may be a sign that hospice is the right choice. Hospice provides a supportive alternative, offering medical expertise and resources to manage symptoms, and minimizing the need for hospital interventions.

Continued Decline Despite Curative Treatments

Sometimes an individual’s condition is not improving despite aggressive curative treatments and medical interventions, and at that point transitioning to hospice care may be appropriate. Hospice focuses on providing comfort and support rather than pursuing futile treatment options, allowing seniors to spend their remaining time in a dignified and compassionate environment.

Prognosis of Six Months or Less

Hospice care is typically appropriate when a doctor shares a prognosis of six months or less if the illness follows its natural course. This prognosis indicates that the focus should shift towards palliative care and end-of-life support. Hospice professionals work closely with the medical team to provide comprehensive care, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual needs during this critical time.

Focus on Quality of Life

When the primary goal shifts from curative measures to maximizing quality of life, hospice elder care aligns with this philosophy. Hospice professionals focus primarily on comfort for the person receiving care. Their main goal is to maintain a peaceful environment that allows patients to spend their remaining time surrounded by the people they love.

Respect for End of Life Wishes

When a patient has expressed their desire for a peaceful and comfortable end of life experience, hospice care can help fulfill their wishes. Hospice professionals work closely with patients and their families to understand their preferences, values, and goals around end of life situations. They strive to honor and respect these wishes by providing personalized care plans tailored to the patient’s unique needs and desires.

Family Support and Bereavement Services

Hospice Care Bowman SC - Recognizing When Hospice Care is Right for a Family Member
Hospice Care Bowman SC – Recognizing When Hospice Care is Right for a Family Member

Hospice extends beyond the physical needs of the patient. It also offers support for family members before and after their loved one’s passing. Hospice provides bereavement services, counseling, and resources to help families navigate the grief and loss associated with end-of-life care. These supportive services aim to provide comfort and assistance during the grieving process.

Recognizing when hospice elder care is appropriate for a family member can be a challenging decision. By knowing what to watch for and being alert for signs of changes, family caregivers have a better opportunity to make the best decisions quickly.

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Debbie Hare, LMSW

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